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Fonts, Monograms, Colors and More

Get Personal and customize your items to your specifications.


As you browse our listings, you will see options set up for each item.

These options are the TOP requested fonts and monogram styles for that item.


If you would like a different color or style, then we have listed

then send us a note with your details in the memo box provided.

Believe it or not we have 1000's of Fonts on file. We can turn just about any font into embroidery or print for you. Please refer to notes listed below as some fonts of the thinner fonts are not good for smaller writing and or embroidery! As always if you don't see what you are looking for just ask and we can look to see if we have what you're needing on file.

When ordering a 3-letter monogram, there are 2 ways the initials can look:


1. Your 3 initials all the same size in the order of First/Middle/Last Name



2. Traditional 3-letter monogram in the order First/Last/Middle Name with the Center Letter being Larger


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