Custom Vinyl Wall Art Growth Chart

Butterfly Space Beach Jungle Custom
Keep track of growth and add some fun artwork with these vinyl growth chart wall decals.
Choose from several designs to go with your decor and personalize it with your child’s favorite color and name. They’re easy to apply (just peel and stick), and they’re just as easy to remove in case your family ever moves.
DEFAULT color will be black. Or simply choose a custom color from our color chart..
Our custom options is a fun way to go.. We can do all one color or give us a color pallete and theme to work with.. We will take it from there. Sending you a proof via email before we cut and print to get your final approval...
Custom set ups will include complete custom designs with multiple colors
we can even add pics of you little one you send to us...
Then as they grow you can call and order new pics to add to the chart....
Each decal is made of high quality, self-adhesive and waterproof vinyl. Can be cleaned and very easy to install.

The vinyl we use is rated for 5 years outside and will last as long as you need it inside.

Decals need to be be applied to a clean, smooth and flat surface.
Put them on your walls, doors, windows - anywhere you want! So much easier than painting.
Detailed instructions will be sent with your order.
If you have recently painted your walls we do suggest to let your paint cure for at least
3 weeks before applying new wall art.
Designs By Vinyl Ready.