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Team Stores

Custom Stores:

With our custom store set up you can customize your store, giving it the look, you want and filling it with the apparel you need.
Great for:​


Chess clubs, debate team, Ms. Wilcox’s 2nd grade class – they all want shirts. Setup stores to fill the demand.


Family and players want to support their local team – use a store to sell them the merch they want to show their pride.


Fundraise by selling items to promote an important cause. Spirit Sale simplifies fundraiser tracking, so the cause gets every dollar it earns.


Tournaments, walks, tradeshows, concerts – work with an event to sell event merchandise before and after the event.


Businesses can use a store to sell uniforms and other gear to their employees and customers.


Show off your creative flair with a store focused on trendy apparel. The flexibility of Spirit Sale makes it easy to sell art on fashionable garments.

Forget the stress of dealing with order forms. Online ordering limits confusion and streamlines you fundraising or ordering process or logo items for your team!

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